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Berrinba Wetlands is a man-made recreational park covering 120 ha
along Scrubby Creek. Scrubby Creek joins Slacks Creek which enters
the Logan River. The park contains 8.5 km of walkways and bike tracks,
nesting boxes and substantial bridges.

The Logan Running Festival 2023 route will be a 7 kilometre track on
winding cement and wooden bridge tracks, showcasing the natural
beauty of the Wetlands.

In order to complete each race, competitors will be required to complete
the following loops -

42klm - 6 laps of the circuit
21klm - 3 laps of the circuit
14klm - 2 laps of the circuit
7klm - 1 lap of the circuit

All competitors will have a timing chip built into their unique racing bib,
and at the end of each lap, each competitor will receive a rubber
wristband to keep track of how many laps they have completed.

There will be numerous water stations and first aide around the course,
as well as DJ's to keep the vibe of the day pumping.





Commencing at 9am, the 1km Fun Run for children  between the ages of 4 years of age and 10 years of age on the event date, will be run on a slightly different course, purely in the interest of safety for all competitors.

The race will finish at the same spot as all of the races, however competitors will complete a slightly different route to the adult competitors. Competitors will start down in the park adjacent to the FINISH line precinct, run west through the Wetlands and loop back onto Wayne Goss Drive and through to the FINISH line.

There will be a Logan Running Festival volunteer running this course with the children and parents, and there will be plenty of signage on the day.

Each FINISHER of this particular race will receive a Logan Running Festival trophy, a FINISHER's visor, the standard LRF race pack and their unique personalised racing bib.


7km, 14km, 21km and 42km ROUTE

Competitors in these 4 races will complete laps of the newly designed Berrinba Wetlands route.

Lap numbers are as follows -

42km - 6 laps
21km - 3 laps
14km - 2 laps
7km - 1 lap

Competitors will start in the park off Wayne Goss Drive, head south along the concrete pathway which encompasses all 7klm of the loop.


Each FINISHER of this particular race will recieve a Logan Running Festival medallion, a standard LRF race pack and their unique personalised racing bib. 


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